Appointments are booked through our email mailing list. You can sign up via the Explore Trilogy tab. We will send out an email when it's time to book for the upcoming season, and the first 100 people to reply will be given an appointment. We accommodate as many people as we can, but so far it has not been possible to work with everyone who wants to consign with us. The best way you can help change this is by choosing quality over quantity, shopping secondhand and encouraging others to do the same!

Due to the high volume of new and returning consignors, we can not accommodate walk-in consignment. We book appointments 1-2 months in advance. We know you have ants in your pants wanting make space in your closet, but we try our best to make consigning with Trilogy worth the wait! 


  • We can view no more than 25 items per appointment. This is so that we can work with as many people as we can, and take a wide range of style and sizes from a wide range of people!

  • Give your items a sniff...if you can smell mothballs, musty closets, body odor or perfume, so can customers, so please be sure to thoroughly air them out or wash them before your appointment. We WILL NOT accept items that smell like mothballs. 

  • Check garments underarms for deodorant residue, pants hems for dirt or wear, and generally look for spots, stains and other damages. These issues will prevent us from taking items that otherwise might pass muster.  

  • Bring items folded in bags or bins. If you bring vintage items on hangers, please remove all dry cleaner bags unless they are clean, fresh and necessary (like to protect beaded garments).

  • Do you have items that aren't quite up to snuff for consignment that you plan to donate or throw away? Consider recycling them instead! See our Recycle your Textiles tab for more information on our recycling program! 

  • Are your items all seasonally appropriate? Please don't bring us winter items in the summer! See below for the breakdown of what we accept during each month. 


  • Consignment is accepted by appointment only! WE CAN NOT ACCOMMODATE WALK-INS.

  • The consignment term is 60 DAYS

  • Consignors receive 40% of the sale proceeds OR 50% for items priced $100+

  • If you prefer to shop with your mad-money, you can use your balance as store credit!

  • If you need to make a certain amount of money for an item to make it worth consigning, please be prepared to share that information at the time of your appointment. 

  • At the end of the consignment term, your items expire and are considered property of Trilogy Consignment unless we hear from you. To collect any unsold items before they expire, simply call the shop at the end of the term (2 months from the "in stock" date listed next to your items in your account) and request we pull your items before they expire. You'll have 2 weeks to pick up your pulled items and you may come at your convenience during store hours. 

  • Items are reduced up to 25% after 30 days to encourage sales and this is non-negotiable. 

  • You will be paid by check for items sold. Checks are issued automatically at a $50 minimum and mailed out after the 15th of each month. Once your items have sold, your account balance will never expire or diminish in value.

  • We do not cut checks for a balance less than $50 unless you are completely done consigning with us. We ask that you leave the balance to accumulate with future consignment. Once your items have sold, your balance will never expire or diminish in value. 

  • Spring items are accepted February, March and early-April

  • Summer items are accepted late-April, May, June and July

  • Fall items are accepted in August, September and October (no coats until October!)

  • Winter items are accepted in mid-October, November and December

  • January and February are mostly for markdowns, organization, reflection and deep breathing. Consignment is accepted on an as-needed basis on select walk-in days that will be posted and will be subject to any seasonal sales or additional markdowns. We are likely to take fun resort-wear so please give us a call if you have some of that!

  • We DO NOT accept:

    • Business suits for women

    • High stiletto heels

    • Modern formal gowns/wedding gowns/bridesmaids dress and the like

    • Conservative blazers, shirts or slacks

    • Sportswear/t-shirts/workout clothing

    • Damaged or extremely worn clothing or shoes

    • High end jewelry or watches (gold/diamonds)

    • Polo shirts/golf shirts

    • Unflattering dated styles from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s (including, but not limited to, oversized blazers, garments with big shoulder pads, pleated pants and bedazzled t-shirts)

    • Logo printed handbags from Coach or Michael Kors

We accept seasonal items for women and men in a colorfully broad range of styles, labels and sizes (from petites to plus sizes). Costume and covetable jewelry, clothing, shoes, handbags and seasonal scarves and hats are accepted in gently-used, like-new or new condition, ideally with minimal signs of wear; but seeing as recycling is our driving force, we do accept a limited amount of desirable items with moderate signs of wear and price them to sell based on their condition. Please read on for more specific guidelines regarding what we do and do not take.

While we do accept a broad range of styles, sizes and brands, we are still very selective. Your items may be great, but just not the right fit for this particular shop. We don't take very many items from fast fashion brands (like Forever 21, H&M and Charlotte Russe) because the items are generally poor quality and the resale value is almost nothing. We also don't take high stiletto shoes, even if they are from high end brands. We are honest and upfront if your items may be better off in a different consignment shop or thrift store. We will also suggest certain items be recycled if we suspect they may end up in a landfill if they are donated.

House call appointments are available for estates or other high volume closet clean-outs. There is a fee of $30/hour (including travel time for trips longer than 20 minutes each way) and the process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the job. We will aid in organizing what can be consigned and what can be recycled or donated to a specific charity, and will take items approved for consignment the day of the appointment. Call 914.631.3426 for more information.