It's environmentally and socially responsible to shop secondhand. 

It's environmentally and socially responsible to shop secondhand. 

Re-discover with every visit how it feels to love the clothes you wear.

Like many of the treasures it houses, Trilogy Consignment is one of a kind. The delightful array of perpetually revolving stock, collected with an eye for style and quality, infuses fashion with a sense of levity. Whether or not she considers herself style-conscious, the colors, patterns, shapes and textures commingling within this shop will inspire a patron’s personal sense of adventure, and nurture each individual’s unique self-image with options she may have never before considered. At Trilogy, we believe that fun can also be functional, pretty can also be practical, and amazing should be accessible. Style is personal power on display: feeling great in an outfit can enhance everyday experiences and increase productivity. In its spare time, the Trilogy Tribe enjoys facilitating a community where feminine energy is used to spread joy and effect positive social change.



 Indulge Your Sense of Self

Remember what it was like to have fun with clothing? Me too. My name is Heather and I’ve been playing Dress-Up since I was 3 years old, so I’m pretty much a professional. And in college I studied Sociology, not fashion, so I’m uniquely qualified to help my customers feel beautiful from the inside out. I try to dress myself to inspire my customers to confidently wear what makes them happy, or to help them re-imagine the ways in which they can wear things they’ve had in their wardrobe rotation for ages. 






Find Your Sense of Style

There is an abundance of certain coveted designer labels on the Westchester consignment scene, but the accessible quality and array of enlivening looks to be found at Trilogy Consignment offer you the opportunity to discover how style can improve everyday experiences, who can be stylish (spoiler alert: you can!) and how it feels to love the clothes you wear. At Trilogy, we like to chat about why shopping secondhand is good for the environment and the community, as well as your soul and wallet. 






Nourish Your Sense of Belonging

It makes a difference to feel like someone cares about who you are and how you’ll feel once you leave their shop. Our main objective is not to make a sale by encouraging impulsivity, but rather to create a truly curative environment that addresses customers’ individual needs. We are interested in cultivating community through the shop, because we believe community is the secret elixir for living a joyful, productive and truly satisfying life. Join us for workshops and events at the shop, and stay connected through our social media pages (links in the bottom right corner of your browser screen). Anyone of any age is welcomed!