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Non-Toxic Options: A More Complete Picture of Health

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: this event is about sharing facts you are entitled to, so you can make healthy, informed choices. To the out-of-towners interested in connecting, please feel free to join the event on the shop Facebook page if you'd like to get updates on useful information and resources. Coming together as women to share knowledge and experience is our best defense against the blatant misinformation drowning us as consumers and denying us the facts we need to buy from responsible companies using safe ingredients. 

On Tuesday June 9th, Trilogy will be stocked with an array of resources and examples of for non-toxic products and information on the effects of the toxic chemicals that are found in almost every standard "beauty" product out there. These chemicals are virtually unregulated in this country - the U.S. bans only 10 compared to Canada and Europe, which ban up to a whopping 1,400! What the heck, America?! 

Meet your local representatives for companies that specialize in non-toxic products, and learn about what's available at the markets right here in town.

The commercialized image of "beauty and health" not only has negative effects on our self esteem, but on our actual physical health as well. Reclaim your body and brain!