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Navigating Beauty Culture Workshop Support Group

Navigating Beauty Culture - A 5-Part Series at Trilogy in Tarrytown with resident holistic psychotherapist, Jennifer Convissor, LCSW, RMT

We all know that physical appearance is held in high regard in our society. Women, and some men, will go to extreme lengths to meet standards for youth and beauty. In our daily lives, we spend time, attention, and money, chasing this elusive ideal.

However, where did these beauty standards originate? What is the real cost of this pursuit; to our bodies, our wallets, to the environment?

These are some basic questions that will be covered in these workshops. More than ever, women today are seeking to prioritize health over beauty, leave a cleaner and more just planet for the next generation and to simply feel better about ourselves when we look in the mirror. To this end, it’s time to truly examine the overt and unspoken rules that dictate how we should look and feel.

Jennifer Convissor, LCSW, RMT, leads this exploration into society and self-image, in a 5 part series that is both workshop and support group. Over the course of these sessions, participants will:

- examine beauty through various cultural lenses

- question beauty imperatives and standards

- learn how culture affects self-image

- develop deeper insights into our personal beauty stories

- gain greater empathy for ourselves and each other

- learn from each other’s challenges and triumphs

FEES AND REGISTRATION: The initial session is free and the next 4 monthly sessions are $25 each, or $85 if paid in total upon registration (or paid by cash/check at the first session). In order to create a safe environment and have time for every voice, space will be limited to 8 participants. Please email for registration information.

A note from Heather: The topic of inner dialogue comes up regularly when I have time and space to converse with customers, and in each of those moments I find myself wishing that it might inspire some real motivation for women to change their inner dialogue for the better. It feels so easy and natural to have unconditional love and understanding for our friends, children, loved ones, even strangers. Why then is it seemingly so difficult to have unconditional love and understanding for ourselves and the bodies we inhabit?

I often ask myself: How can we at Trilogy support the women who support us? How can we better serve each other on our collective path towards self-acceptance? I think one answer is with this 5-part workshop with Jen.

These groups are a great deal for what a lot of other self-care services cost for the same amount of time. And if you find yourself really craving a more personal session, she is available by appointment in our cozy back office for therapy. I’ve been meeting with her weekly for several months now, and I can say with confidence that the experience has inspired a tremendous amount of personal growth. Together we created a space to process experiences, address tough questions, sigh deeply into the depths of our anxiety, whatever we need. I hope you'll join us!

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