Frequently Asked Questions

I've brought my items in for consignment, and now I'd like to check on the date they were priced so I can determine when they will expire. What are the instructions for creating my account with your consignment software system?

1. Go to (do not include www)

2. Enter the email address that we have on file as your login user name.

3. For your first time logging in, you need only to enter your email address as the user name, leaving the password field blank.

4. Then click “Login” and you will be prompted to create a password.

5. Now you're in! See the INVENTORY tab? That's where you'll find your items once we have priced them. If you don't see them, check again in a few days. If more than a week has passed since your appointment, that's when you should call us.

6. Take note of when your items were priced, which is the date noted in the column on the right called In Stock. Your expiration date will be about 2 months from that date. Mark your calendar to call us if you would like to pick up what may not sell. We always require 2 days notice to pull items, we will not do this automatically.

7. Log in anytime using that email and password combo to check the price and status of your items (Inventory tab) and view payout history.

8. In order to see the full short description of each item, you have a couple of options: click the orange "Print Table" button at the top right of the table under the Inventory tab and print or view print preview, or click the "Excel" button and export the list as an Excel document.

Do I have to make an appointment to consign?

Yes, always! (Unless otherwise stated under the CONSIGN tab.) This is how we stay super duper organized. With the high volume of merchandise we consider every day, appointments are booked 1-2 months in advance. You'll need to join our mailing list if you'd like to make an appointment to consign.

How do I keep track of what I consigned and when to pick up what doesn’t sell?

You can create an account with our consignment software system (see the instructions up at the very top) so you can track the sale of your items in real time! You can mark your calendar to call just before the 60-day term is over (it starts on the "In Stock" date which you can find when you log in to view your inventory). We can’t send you a reminder, so be sure to be on top of this if you want to take back items that don’t sell.

Your items are considered expired, which means 100% of the sale goes to Trilogy. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you are donating your remaining items to the store, and we will eventually donate anything unsold to one of a few local charities.

What happens when that 60-day term is over?

How much do I get when my items sell?

40% of the amount the item sells for, or 50% for items priced $100+. You can also choose to use your balance as store credit!

No problem! Just call or email us up to a week before your items expire and we will have your things ready for you to pick up. Items are not pulled automatically, and we require at least two days notice for all pick-ups.  Consignor returns will be held for no more than two weeks, and then they will be donated to a local charity unless otherwise discussed. 

What if I want my things back if they don’t sell?

We cut checks automatically at a $50 minimum on the 15th of each month. Your check will be mailed right to your door! Or you may choose to use some or all of your balance as store credit! We do not cut checks for a balance less than $50 unless you are completely done consigning with us. We ask that you leave the balance to accumulate with future consignment. Once items sell, your balance will never expire or diminish in value. 

How will I be paid?

We take a pretty broad range of quality styles and sizes for both men and women, selected based on what we know sells. We do not accept women's suits, gowns, wedding dresses, conservative business attire, polo shirts, sportswear, logo printed bags from Coach or Michael Kors, or dated styles from the 80s, 90s or early 2000s. Shoes and bags must be clean and gently worn. We take things based on style and quality, not brand name.

We do not accept furniture, art or housewares. 

What kinds of things do you NOT accept for consignment?

We ask that you bring no more than 25 items per appointment, including jewelry, bags, scarves and/or shoes.If you need to bring more, please talk to us first! We have a 3 item minimum to start an account, and typically take a maximum of 20 items per appointment because of the high volume of items we consider.

How many things can I bring to my appointment?

Before your appointment, check your garments for deodorant residue, stains, pulls, loose hems, tears or holes, and any lingering odors such as cigarette smoke, mothballs, mildew or strong perfumes. If you can smell it, so can our customers, so please have these items washed or dry cleaned prior to your consignment appointment. If this isn't an option, try airing your items out in the sunshine for a day or two, and lightly spray them with a deodorizer. We recommend non-toxic options like peppermint oil diluted in water. 

No matter how stylish they are, we can’t take items with strong odors or stains.

How can I make sure my items have the best chance of being chosen for consignment?

If you want to, but it’s actually easier for us if you bring things neatly folded in bins or bags. We have a mighty steamer, and we’re happy to use it! If you do bring things on hangers, we ask that you remove plastic garment bags from individual items unless it is absolutely necessary to protect the item. This helps us cut down on the time and effort it takes to consider your items.  

Should I bring things on hangers?

We do! We will generally stick to button-down shirts, great denim and leather pieces, flannels, sport jackets, suits, cool t-shirts, hats, shoes, interesting neckties/bowties and work/travel bags. And maybe even the occasional tuxedo...

We do not take polo shirts, golf shirts, slacks, pleated pants or athletic gear.

Do you accept men's things for consignment?