Don't Donate...Recycle! Our research shows that the global donation market is unbelievably flooded with unwanted clothing, shoes and handbags (primarily from the USA, Canada and Europe), so we have teamed up with BEBeauty to help reduce the volume in our community and save items from landfills here and abroad. 

Bring your items in a trash bag to Trilogy Consignment and drop off during business hours (do not leave anything outside our door). You do not need an appointment to bring items for recycling. It would help us tremendously if you could take a little time to cut, slice or otherwise damage each item so it is undeniably unfit for resale. Otherwise Amanda and I will do this work, but we appreciate all the help we can get!

What can be recycled? Clothing, undergarments, socks, curtains, towels, rags, sheets, and anything else made of fabric. Shoes cost $10 per pair to recycle with TerraCycle (the box costs $333 and fits about 30 pairs). Otherwise, the Gedney Recycling Yard in White Plains has a shoe collection bin that I recommend you utilize. They just ask you secure pairs with rubber bands. Click >HERE< for their website.

Hello beauties!

This is Amanda from Benevolent & Enlightened Beauty ( Our mission grow is the self-esteem of young women through our unique humane education program focused on the beauty & fashion industries, which fosters self love, showing compassion for others, and caring for the planet.

Did you know the fashion industry produces a lot of waste? A LOT. In fact, American throw away an average of 26 billion pounds of clothes a year! Yikes. Clothes that are made out of synthetic fibers, like polyester and rayon, take over 200 years to break down in the landfill. This problem piles up, literally. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “but I donate my clothes!” Clothing donation seems better than throwing clothes right in the trash. Sure. But, did you know that more than 70% of the clothes donated end up getting sold to other countries? In the countries that receive these clothes, namely Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and other East African countries, the practice of selling second-hand clothes destroys the local industry. On top of that, the surplus of second hand clothes dampens the dignity of the locals as well. The people of Kenya call the second-hand clothes that flood their markets, “the clothes of dead white people.” 

So, what is a fashionista to do? While we encourage lovers of fashion to "shop less" and "shop better,” this long term goal will not happen overnight. In the mean time, we want to do the best we can with the clothes that already exist.

That’s why we started a clothing recycling program! 

When you donate your clothes to Benevolent & Enlightened Beauty, we bring them to a fabric recycling center that turns the clothes into fiber used for household insulation and upholstery stuffing. Recycling will, at least, give these clothes one more purpose by limiting the need for new resources by using existing materials. 

By recycling, we’re doing choosing to better not only for the planet but the people we share this planet with. Now, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

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