Soen Quan-Burey

From intern to team-member, we are thrilled Soen decided to move to the United States from her home country of Japan


Jennifer Convissor

At Trilogy, we have always held the full woman in high regard.  We aim to clothe the body in comfort and style and lift your spirits in the process! The bright and airy shop is designed to provide a shopping experience that delights all the senses. Our goal is to offer inspiration, education and stimulation that leave you with a little more than you came in with, even if you don’t buy anything.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with a social worker who shares our vision! Jennifer Convissor is a holistic psychotherapist who will be working from our office on Tuesdays from 11-3 and by appointment on other days.  Stayed tuned for news on support groups in the works. 

For more information about Jennifer and her practice visit: infinitywellness.com

Wayne Sato

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