What's MY Size?

Here is an interesting article for anyone who has ever been frustrated by vanity sizing and the general lack of consistency in clothing sizes, or curious about why a size 16 dress from the 1950s fits them the same as a modern size 8. Even if the sample group was diverse in age and race, I wonder if standardized sizing based on average measurements could really help us navigate the choppy waters of the modern shopping experience. Women come in myriad shapes and heights, and on top of that, we are so varying in our taste and style that I'm not convinced the "standard" woman actually exists. Learning to take our measurements and do simple repairs and alterations is the only way "'to be fitted properly by the same size regardless of price, type of apparel, or manufacturer of the garment,' as the government's 1958 standard loftily envisioned." Your size is not a number; it consists of many numbers that naturally change over time. Embracing (rather than resenting) those numbers as they increase and decrease is good for your health. Love doesn't discriminate based on appearance!