Introducing Kelsi: A Semi-Professional 'About Me' from Trilogy's Newest Employee

Wow. I’ve only been part of the Trilogy family for a few weeks, and I am arms-wide, eyes glittering, ready to embrace every single one of you. What a beautiful and eclectic community you’ve all built, both in the store and here in mystic cyberspace.

It is with great pleasure that I’d like to officially introduce myself to you all -

I’m Kelsi, and I am the new face at Trilogy who will be occasionally behind the counter & more prolifically behind the scenes/screens. When I’m not standing here admiring Heather’s beautiful treasures, you can find me attending births as a local doula, hiking with my husband (Eric), my five-year old puppy (Finn) & one-year-old human son (Jude), enjoying a strong latte and typing up grant proposals at one of the two perfect & cozy coffee shops here on Main Street, or doing any combination of running around/loving/daydreaming imaginable in the life of a mom and business-owner.

At the heart of all of my work, I am an activist and abolitionist. I have been privileged to serve survivors of human trafficking in New York City, advocate legislation on the behalf of the rights of garment workers, victims of labor and sex trafficking, and mothers. I recently started a company called rev thread born out of these passions, and you are welcome to learn more about it at your interest & leisure (instagram: @rev_thread).

Everything else you want to know, you’ll have to come in and find out for yourself! I don’t love small talk, but I’m always down to sit down over lunch and discuss things like birth, love, privilege, The Office, and the impossible comedy of life with any and all willing parties. I'm also a semi-retired emo/punk kid with an affinity for poetry and yoga, so if you ever find yourself begging your friends to go to an underground show/poetry reading/8AM vinyasa - I'll gladly keep you company. 

Thank you for welcoming me into your impossibly rad community; hopefully none of us will be disappointed!